Editor’s Note: DECEMBER.

What a year we have had!

This month, I decided I wouldn’t do a post at the start of the month – mainly because I wanted to leave it until Christmas Day and wish everyone a very Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and New Year all at once.

For me, I was brought up to believe in the tradition of Christmas. However, whatever you believe (or don’t believe) I wish for every single one of you to be safe and happy, no matter what you get up to over December and in to January.

Mostly, I believe in love, family, friends and fun – things that are universally accepted as good things.

So let’s all focus on the good things we have in our lives, and learn to see the good in each other, rather than the bad – the similarities, rather than the differences – and look out for one and other.

This time of year can be difficult for some people, for all types of reasons. So please, extend your hands, rather than withdrawing them – embrace each other, rather than pushing one and other away – and remember that we are all human.

I won’t babble on any longer.

Today, I would like to share with you some of the good things in my life – my family and friends:

I look forward to hearing from everyone in the New Year (2020 – oh my goodness!). It’s going to be a big one – I can feel it!

Stay safe!

Shayde Morley

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