Editor’s Note: August.


I know it’s only been a month since the last time I wrote an Editor’s Note to you all, but so much has happened!!

You may notice I’ve decided to decorate this page with balloons, rather than the lovely leaves I usually use for my monthly Editor’s Note. The reason?

I’m celebrating!

Why? Well… where to start?!

I quit my office job, I’m finally seeing a psychologist who isn’t ridiculously uninterested, my baby brother was born in May and is the cutest little thing I’ve ever met and I start my new job next Monday!

Assorted-color Aired Balloons Under Blue Sky
Image may contain: one or more people, people sleeping and closeup
Look at his cute little face!


This month, I decided to start a new segment on the blog, named ‘Top Talks’. I really love watching talks, speeches and lectures from people who are creative, intelligent and inspiring… so I wanted to share my favourites with you. You can find the first one here.

I’ve also been reading quite a bit lately – I’m currently getting through ‘Daring Greatly’ by BrenĂ© Brown, ‘Mentors’ by Russel Brand and have just bought ’12 Rules for Life’ by Jordan B. Peterson.

I’ve also written a couple of really fun, empowering articles, including:

How Embracing Your Mental Illness Can Empower You

Turning Your Anger Into Action

Re-Humanizing The Workplace


A lot of people have been asking about my new job. I’ll be working for Baptist Care SA, which is a nonprofit organization which helps a wide range of people in the community, including young people, the homeless/ displaced, people with disabilities, the elderly and indigenous people (to name a few).

I’m looking forward to this new chapter, which has meant quitting my permanent, full-time gig and taking on casual employment.

I am nervous, but excited for what the future holds.

Assorted-color Aired Balloons Under Blue Sky


Assorted-color Aired Balloons Under Blue Sky

This month is all about new beginnings.

For me. it’s also about embracing failure, taking risks and being my most authentic self. I’m hoping you can follow and join me on this exciting new path, learning and empowering each other to reach your full potential!

For my Australian friends, this is the start of the final month of winter – so here’s hoping for some sunshine by the end of the month. For my American friends, the leaves will fall and the weather will drop, and for all my friends in countries all around the world (I see you!) we are all coming into a season of generosity and friendship.

Let’s make it a good one!

I hope you all have an AMAZING August, and remember to reach out if you’re struggling, be a good neighbour and always check in on your friends! x

Shayde Morley

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