The Sun’s Rays.


the sun’s rays filter through the windows,

warm and golden

like tea and honey,

sure of the love they receive

blessed by their unending



and when the rays slowly die

and the night comes

people still remember

the way the warmth spread

from their head

to their toes.


they forget the cold

and the darkness around them

because they know

another day awaits

and another day promises

the rays of the sun will return.


but you see, in my world,

you are the sun’s rays.

and the darkness is simply life

but you keep me here

desperate for the warmth

i know you give.


and when all is said and done

nothing can take that away

and no matter the darkness

or the cold,

the sun is only one rotation away

and is always there to greet me.

Shayde Morley

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