Hopeless Musing #3


Source: https://weheartit.com/entry/282225984


Feelings aren’t my forte.

I think a lot – to the point of overthinking. But I don’t feel a lot – to the point where I search desperately around in the leaves on the floor of the forest in my chest, hoping to find something that isn’t damp or dead.

When something should hurt, instead I feel empty. I search and I search, but my hands swipe at cold, frosty air, stuck in my lungs.

What will it take to light the fire back up? And what happens if the whole forest burns?



Shayde Morley

One thought on “Hopeless Musing #3

  1. Be careful. You just might get what your asking for, and believe me, it may very well not be what you want. I too, live without a full spectrum of emotion. In fact, I have often said the only emotion I truly feel, is anger. That is until I met the death of the only person I ever loved. The emotions surrounding that loss devastated me. That was in 2004. I am only now entering into a period of recovery. You will notice this events influence in my writing from time to time.


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