Hopeless Musing #3


Source: https://weheartit.com/entry/282225984


Feelings aren’t my forte.

I think a lot – to the point of overthinking. But I don’t feel a lot – to the point where I search desperately around in the leaves on the floor of the forest in my chest, hoping to find something that isn’t damp or dead.

When something should hurt, instead I feel empty. I search and I search, but my hands swipe at cold, frosty air, stuck in my lungs.

What will it take to light the fire back up? And what happens if the whole forest burns?




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  1. Be careful. You just might get what your asking for, and believe me, it may very well not be what you want. I too, live without a full spectrum of emotion. In fact, I have often said the only emotion I truly feel, is anger. That is until I met the death of the only person I ever loved. The emotions surrounding that loss devastated me. That was in 2004. I am only now entering into a period of recovery. You will notice this events influence in my writing from time to time.


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