Dark Skies & Blackened Clouds.


the skies are darkening

and the lights inside

aren’t bright enough

to hide the fact

the thunder is roaring

and the rain is coming.


the wind whistles

through the cracks in the windows

and the blinds bang

against the window panes

and the sudden gusts

cause ruckus around us.


the glass rattles

in its frame,

and the rain hits the windows

creating trails in the dust

that will soon disappear

with the downpour to come.


dark skies and blackened clouds

thunder and rain

are all subtle reminders

of how small our problems

and lives

really are.


this weather provides no shelter

for the unauthentic,

and with every drop,

make up runs,

hair dampens

and teeth chatter.


everything flows

and nothing abides

and our sense of mortality

is heightened

with every flash

of lightning.



(n.) a lover of rain; someone who finds joy and peace of mind during rainy days.


Shayde Morley

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