20 Simple Moments We Forget To Appreciate


‘… have you noticed that we only count the hours, and we’ve cut down all the best old trees?’

– Ziggy Alberts


So many people are caught up dreaming about their future or regretting their past, that they don’t truly stop to enjoy the moment that they are in. We count our age in years, but what about all the hours, minutes and moments in between, that truly make us who we are?

Sometimes, we take for granted the simplest of things, that often happen in the briefest of moments. But they are worth remembering, they are worth appreciating, and they are worth the thousands of moments in between. Here are some of the moments of beautiful, simple humanity that I don’t ever want to take for granted:




When you stop and really hug someone back.


Feeling the first drop of rain hit your face on a hot summer’s day.


Brushing past someone and suddenly smelling their cologne/ perfume.


When you realise you’re both leaning in for a kiss, and your heart skips a beat.


Watching the sun go down over the ocean.


The smell of a market first thing in the morning.


Having a lady-bug land on you.


Taking something from someone’s hand, but holding it a little too long, just to feel their warmth.


Swimming in the ocean while it rains.


That small window of time in the afternoon when the world turns golden.


The cheer of the crowd at a soccer game, so loud it gives you goosebumps.


Tumbling under a wave after you fall off your surfboard.


Singing at the top of your lungs in your car with your best friend.


Seeing your favourite band come on stage.


Tracing every line of you lover’s face, memorizing the way they smile.


Hiding under the sheets with someone while rain hits your window.


The moment you realise you’re falling in love, and there’s nothing you can do about it.


Coming across an old photo that brings back a thousand memories.


The first sip of beer on a Friday afternoon.


Falling asleep in someone’s arms by the fire.






Shayde Morley

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