Drive Safely.


your hand is warm in mine

for the extra second we hold on

before we have to let go

and pretend

we don’t share a million secrets

between us.


and your gaze lingers

longer than it’s meant to

and i only know

because mine lingers

a little longer



the warmth of your touch

is like electricity

leaving a mark

under my skin

where it’s brushed

never to be the same.


i suppose it’s true

when they say grief

is the price we pay for love

but how i often wish

that love

could be enough.


and the stuttered

words of farewell

that stop short of saying

how we truly feel

are all too painful

in my throat.


so i instead i say thank-you for the company,

be careful

and drive safely.

i tell you to look after yourself

and that i’ll see you soon

for coffee.

Shayde Morley

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