it’s a busy morning.

there’s a cobbled road between us

and with my newspaper in one hand,

and a coffee in the other

i glance up

and meet your gaze.


the wind is ruffling your hair.

there’s a cigarette in your hand.

you’re midway through taking a drag

and for a brief moment

when we lock eyes

you pause.


and you’re wearing…

blue, mechanic-style overalls?

how strange.

I can see the grease on them

yet you look like a statue of a god

frozen in time.


something happens in that moment

that i can’t explain.

the world is frozen

there’s a rushing in my ears

like my brain is struggling

to comprehend what i’m seeing.


and then, quite suddenly….


‘it’s you.’

my mind races.

my heart recognizes you

before my eyes do.


and before this very moment

we’ve never met.

but i know who you are.

perhaps in a past life we’ve met before

but it’s only now

that we’re crossing each other’s path again.


i need to get to you.

i blink,

taking a step towards you

out onto the cobbled street.

and when i open my eyes

you’re gone.


and just like that,

my eyes fly open,

and i wake up.

and somehow i understand.

we are the same souls in this life

as we were in the last.






Shayde Morley

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