i drag my feet aimlessly through this town

leaving dusty footprints in my wake.

i aim the rocks i kick at parked cars

hoping someone dares to yell

i have no fear

i’m lost here.


my fingers run along the chain link fence

rust slowly turning them orange.

the sound of it is like a distant memory

not quite loud enough to remember

but i can still feel the vibrations

up my arm.


my throat is dry from the hot country air

and the melted road sticks to my shoes.

as i make my way out of town

the fences get more lopsided

the grass in the paddocks gets higher

and the sun in the sky gets lower.


everything about this town screams nostalgia

and my heart gets heavier.

the wasted days here threaten to crush me

reminding me of the time i lost

trying to chase things

that were never meant to be mine.


in all the years i’ve come to know it

this town has never changed.

the memories and moments here

feel like a lifetime ago

but looking in

it all looks the same.





Shayde Morley

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