Out Of Sight.

i thought of you today

wondered where you were, what you were doing.

i suppose when we’re busy

it’s easy to forget the people we once were

who we once loved

before life intervened.


there was a time when i wished you’d disappear

because the sight of you hurt more

than your absence.

and maybe that’s selfish

but they were right when they said

‘out of sight, out of mind’.


and i know there must have been a reason

that fate sliced her knife between us

separating us

cutting us off from one another

but every now and then

the thoughts come tumbling back.


maybe you were right

and i was too smart to settle down

and that i saw the flaws in things before they appeared.

maybe i was right

or maybe it was a self-fulfilled prophecy

but regardless, the flaws began to show.


and they say love knows no bounds

that it stands the test of time

but time was never really our enemy

it was simply a measurement of the days

which turned to weeks, which turned to years

before disaster struck.


and disaster was sure to strike us down

it was inevitable.

and maybe you were right when you said i was cruel

but i never set out to hurt anyone

i just knew the direction we were heading

before the road signs appeared.



Shayde Morley

2 thoughts on “Out Of Sight.

  1. I wrote about overthinking once too. But after 5 straight days of editing, rewriting, reformatting, recalculating, recategorizing, reiterating to the mirror, refining, reacting and retaliating when disrupted… well, I fell asleep, didn’t I? I’m half joking but I understand is my point. Cheers!

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