A Week Awake.


i’d give my last breath for you

i’d spend a week awake

i’d do anything to keep you happy

i’d do anything for your sake.


i’d work a week straight for you

without taking a break

my heart pours out for yours

until there’s nothing left to take.


in a world where i give so much

why do i feel so small?

why is it i help everyone else up

but no one helps me when i fall?


why do i put myself last

when everyone puts themselves first?

i’d send myself to an early grave

just to make sure you don’t hurt.


why do i feel so lonely

in this room with everyone else?

and why, when i need help

everyone only helps themselves?


i’d protect the very people

that cut me ’til i bleed

i love the worst of you

but you don’t love the best of me.





Shayde Morley

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