it’s different with you.


like watching a storm roll in from a balcony on the beach.

safe and sound.

huddled together in the warmth of our own company,

watching the chaos unfold.


waves can crash.

that’s fine.

we’re okay here.

nowhere to be, nowhere to go, no-one to bother us.

just the peace in knowing you’re next to me

is enough.


it’s funny how the people we come to love

seem to fall from the sky

and land right in front of us.

and how easily we can forget the beauty of knowing

that someone loves us

for who we are.


birds come to sit with us

keeping a watchful eye.

my dad always said that birds are God’s messengers,

and He watches you through their eyes

checking to make sure you’re okay.

but we’re okay.


maybe we were destined to meet

like old souls from another time and place

meeting once more

rather than meeting for the first time,

as if we recognised each other

the moment we locked eyes.


and what beautiful eyes you have

holding me captive, never letting me leave.

i would happily die gazing at you

drowning in the colour

sleeping in the warmth

for eternity.


perhaps it does not do well

to dwell on things like destiny

but in a world filled with messy, noisy chaos,

who is to say what goes?

there are too many coincidences

to ever really know.


if we’re all made from the same materials

reused over and over again by the earth,

up from dust and dirt and grime

perhaps we have known each other before?

parts of the same flower

the same ocean, the same person.


and fate is a funny thing

that refuses to give up her secrets.

but maybe not every question needs an answer

when you’re in love.

this world is full of mysteries

and you’re my favourite one.







Shayde Morley

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