How Strange.


that’s what i am when i am with you.

hypnotised by your voice – so smooth, like honey

intoxicated by your laugh, which sings a melody

that i wish would never stop

keep singing

you beautiful soul.


how did i ever live without you

where did i place my greatest fears, if not in your hands?

maybe it’s a curse, that i could love someone so much

because the thought of you not being around

is torture

is pain

is heartbreak.


there’s something about the way

that you make me feel when we’re sitting quietly

no talking, wind blowing, gulls squawking, waves crashing

like we’ve been here a lifetime

and yet only a moment ago

you were a stranger –

how strange.


i never expected the way you would show up

on one hand, bursting into my life loudly

as if to say ‘i’m finally here!’

and on the other, sitting here next to me quietly

with a simple ‘hello’

‘i’m here’

‘i always will be’.


how beautiful you are, when you’re happy

the way your face lights up like a busy, song filled street.

your eyes have a fire

that no one would dare put out.

why would they

when the warmth

holds us captive.


safety and peace had no meaning before you

all i knew was how to survive.

and now, somehow, it’s much easier to breathe

as though the weight on my chest has flown away

flown somewhere else

where it’s not a burden

but free.



Shayde Morley

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