Nothing Comes Cheap In This World.

everything about you is carved into my brain

a burning memory unlikely to ever be extinguished.

from the hair on your head

to the shoes on your feet

i close my eyes

and you’re there

right there.


the way you stand when you are angry is different to when you’re sad

and when you’re happy it is more of a beam.

you always know what’s about to happen

always watching to make sure i am safe.

even when i never asked

i wouldn’t ask

but i’m glad.


because safe is how you make me feel

and it’s something that i’ve never truly understood until now.

it’s hard to know safe in such an unsafe world

filled with hate and war and pain and panic.

but with you

there’s peace

and quiet.


who knew it would become so easy to memorize your face

like a beautiful statue in a museum or park

that we stare at for so long that we know exactly where every groove is

and can always tell when the slightest thing changes

statues never lie

whatever changes will

always be noticed.


there are wrinkles at the corners of your eyes when you smile

evidence of laughter and memories over the years

and whether they fade or not does not matter

when your face bares the marks of a life well lived.

a life

that isn’t over

just yet.


and that’s the beauty of life, isn’t it?

that until we’re dead, we’re alive.

and you can’t argue with something that has no evidence to the contrary

as much as the logic is flawed.

but flawed or not

it’s true

we’re alive.


the moments we live are so precious

even though we take them for granted until the very end.

nothing comes cheap in this world

and that includes our lives that we must live out.

in happiness.

in pain.

in love.




Shayde Morley

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