Airplanes Won’t Help You Be Free.

i watch the airplanes take off and land

hoping one day it is as easy for me to spread my wings and fly away.

their lights are winking at me

as though they know something I do not

but what?

what do they know?

and how do i find out?


the wind blows through the windows of my car

as i stare off into nothingness hoping the answer to my problems finds me.

it ruffles my hair and tickles my neck

keeping me from falling asleep

but i’m so tired

tired of who i am

tired of the world.


i could travel the entire world

but i’d still be lost without you to show me what happiness is.

the world’s noise quietens when i’m with you

along with the noise in my head

you take it away

take me away

far from here.


there’s something nice about knowing

that home for me is not somewhere that you can see

but rather what you can feel

when everything else is gone

and nothing makes sense

but what is sense

without insanity?


because the feeling of insanity creeps up on me all too often

am i crazy for feeling and thinking the way that i do?

for wanting more than this materialistic society

more than just being a number

ignoring the hungry

forgetting the poor

killing the earth.


these airplanes fly oblivious overhead

untroubled and uncaring for the worries i have.

because airplanes won’t help you be free

they just carry your baggage elsewhere

where you unpack just the same

the same thoughts

the same feelings.



Shayde Morley

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